World of Haven: The world of Haven is, at the time, a relatively peaceful place. Few monster have been seen since the Great Goblin Wars, which ended 15 years ago. The mortal races have been living in peace, making a lively hood simply, farming, crafting, and learning. But all is not completely well. Over the last few years, the priest of two gods have fallen into despair. The first of these is Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon. The other is Tiamat, the Chromatic Dragon, Bahamut’s greatest foe.

Most of the servants of the two dragon gods have been loosing their power, if not lost all power all together. The beg their gods for some sign, some message, that they are still there. Their Priests receive silence.
This is not absolute. Few individuals, of each faith, have not only retained their divine power granted by their deity, but they have grown more powerful over the years. These individuals are not accepted by the rest of their clergy, and are cast out, mistrusted by their own comrades.
The absence of the dragon god was followed by the absence of their children as well. No dragons have been see for as long as anyone could remember, and though there are many stories about these incredible creatures, many folk regard them as a thing of fairy tails. This, however, has changed.
The ruler of the Dracaris kingdom, a human named Malric Brightblade, has called for any who is willing and able to head to Winterdale, a village that operates two different mines in the Frost Tooth mountains, in the north. The adventurers have been sent to find something. Something sighted by one of the villages of the vale. What they saw, was a fairy tale come to life…..

The Dragon Age

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