He is part kobold, human, elf, yeti, drow, orc, werewolf, dwarf, halfling, and Gnome, but he's mostly kobold


Level 1 experience points: 0 Experience points to next level: 1000
AC:16 Reflex:14 Fort:13 Will:12 HP:25 Surge value:8 Surges/day:6 Speed:6 Passive insight:9 Passive perception:9 Deity: Bahumat Languages: Common, Draconic Occupation: merchant Theme: werewolf

Strength:16 (3)
Constitution:14 (2)
Dexterity:11 (0)
Intelligence:16 (3)
Wisdom:8 (-1)
Charisma:13 (1)

Current treasure: 0 Copper 0 silver 77 gold 0 platinum

Items: Short sword (x2), Adventurers kit, wand implement, staff implement


Saruman was born in the town of Herkaderka on the island of Lentwood. At the age of five he was taken away by a group of orc Raiders, and his village was burnt down. He was kept as a slave for the orc’s until the age of 9 when he managed to escape. From there he decided to go on and learn the ways of the wizard, so that one day he may go on to kill the orc leader who slayed his parents. During his training he also decided train as a ranger. Now he will do anything in his power to find the orc who led the attack on his village and avenge his families death. The Orc’s name was Mallfarg, leader of an orc party called the Battle Bongers.


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